The PHA's strategic plan creates a common vision of the PHA of the future. This vision provides staff members, commissioners, and members of the PHA's constituencies with the direction they need to work together toward achieving this vision. Furthermore, it gives the agency a method of measuring its success in managing its growth and development.

The planning model used by the PHA consists of three distinct and vital parts:

Agency Goals

The PHA will achieve its mission by reaching certain goals each year. Based on staff recommendations, the Board will designate the goals to be met each year in order to move the agency toward achieving the mission. The agency will be successful to the extent that it meets these goals.

Department Goals

Each of the PHA's departments sets annual goals to be achieved in order to help the PHA reach its designated goals. The goals are approved by Department Directors and the Executive Director. Each department's success will be measured against its goals.

Performance Standards

Each member of the PHA staff is expected to meet a set of performance standards designated for each position in the agency. These standards support the Department and Agency Goals.

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