Hot off the press!  We are pleased to share the PHA Issue Brief on what it costs to sustain deeply affordable housing in the PHA's Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program. Click here to read the Issue Brief.


The Saint Paul Public Housing Agency (PHA) is committed to providing a housing environment free from discrimination, bigotry or prejudice.  

 “Bigotry has no place within our community, nor does the right to degrade another human being on the basis of age, physical ableness, national origin, sexual orientation, race, gender or religious affiliation.”  

---PHA Cultural Diversity Statement


  • You may directly contact the employee’s supervisor, without telling the employee you are doing so.
  • You may also contact the Rental Administrator, who is the supervisor for the Rental Office staff, at (651) 292-6367.
  • If you are applying for Section 8 rent assistance, you may contact the Section 8 Programs Director at (651) 292-6129.
  • You may contact the Resident Services Department Director at (651) 298-4263.

We will investigate any complaint of discrimination and take appropriate action, and tell you the outcome (subject to data privacy restrictions). 

  • If you are denied housing assistance you may request a denial hearing, and you may raise issues of discrimination at your hearing.
  • You may also contact the PHA’s Human Resources Director at (651) 292-6104, who will investigate any complaint that an employee has committed a discriminatory act.
  • Whether you contact any PHA staff about alleged discrimination or not, you may also contact other agencies which protect fair housing rights and investigate complaints of discrimination.  Those agencies include:

HUD’s Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
920 2nd Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN  55402
Telephone: 612-370-3185 

Minnesota Department of Human Rights
625 Robert Street North
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155
Telephone: 651-296-5663

Saint Paul Human Rights Department
15 West Kellogg Boulevard, #240
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102
Telephone:  651-266-8966

  • You may also contact a lawyer, legal services office, or advocacy agency for an explanation of your rights and help in making a claim of discrimination.  The local legal services office is:
  • Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services, Inc. (SMRLS)
    55 East Fifth Street; Suite 400
    Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101

This notice is to be given to applicants for public housing and Section 8 rent assistance at the time of their eligibility interview.