Public Housing residents are encouraged to contribute to the planning and decision making processes in order to make their neighborhoods better places in which to live. Residents may become involved in the following ways:

Resident Councils

Each family housing development and each hi-rise building has a Resident Council, composed of all adult residents living in the building or area. The PHA initially organized each Council and recognizes each Council as the official group that represents the resident body as a whole. The PHA has agreed to give Councils the maximum feasible participation in decisions and changes affecting the lives of public housing residents. Resident councils are specifically charged with the responsibility to:

  • Communicate the needs of residents to the PHA;
  • Exchange information and explain new procedures and policies;
  • Give input on budgetary items;
  • Plan and carry out activities and events;
  • Represent the building or area in the larger community or the city as a whole; and
  • Cooperate with other development resident associations in representing the interest of all residents.

Each Council is a formal organization with elected officers that serve for specified terms and have a Constitution and By-Laws. Officers must be lease compliant which is most often defined as not under termination. Councils receive funds from the PHA annually and may also receive funds from fund raising activities or other actions. Councils have a treasurer and a bank account. Some councils have applied for and received a non-profit status, which allows them to fund certain activities or to receive grants or other types of funds to run programs, training, etc. Each adult resident on the lease of the building or development or scattered site unit has a vote on the Council.

City Wide Resident Council

  • Click here to visit the City Wide Resident Council website.

Presidents Council

  • Click here to visit the Presidents Council website.

Resident Advisory Board

The Resident Advisory Board (RAB), comprised of the presidents of each resident association, assists in establishing long-range goals of St. Paul Public Housing. Its primary function is to address various aspects of the PHA’s Annual and Five-Year Agency Plans. RAB members express concerns, make recommendations, and advise PHA management in the formulation of the Agency Plans. RAB recommendations are taken into account as the plan is drafted, and their recommendations regarding the final plan become a part of the submission to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

RAB members are responsible for keeping residents in each neighborhood informed of Agency Plan development at both the draft and final stages.