The PHA owns and manages 4,273 dwelling units throughout the City of Saint Paul. The apartments are located in hi-rise buildings, townhouse developments, and duplex and single-family units. Public housing provides a clean, safe and affordable living environment for eligible lower and very low income individuals and families. Public housing families pay 30% of their adjusted monthly income for rent and utilities.

Program Start Date


Program Size

The PHA owns 16 hi-rise buildings (2,553 total units, 0 to 2 bedrooms); four family townhouse developments (1,318 total units, 1 to 5 bedrooms); and scattered site duplex and single-family units (402 total units, 1 to 6 bedrooms).

Eligible Applicants

Eligibility for public housing is set by Congress (annual income based on a percentage of the metro area's median family income adjusted for family size). For hi-rise applicants, admission preference points are given to elderly (62+ years), near-elderly (50-61) and disabled applicants (18+ years), and to veterans, residents of Saint Paul, students, and those enrolled in special PHA programs (CHSP, ALP, ASI). For family units, preferences points are given to applicants who are veterans or residents of Saint Paul. The residency preference applies to persons who live, work or attend school in Saint Paul, or who have been accepted for work or school in Saint Paul.

Family Size

Low Income
80% MFI 

Very Low Income
50% MFI

Extremely Low Income
30% MFI

1 person 




2 persons




3 persons




4 persons




5 persons




6 persons




7 persons




8 or more persons




(eff. 4/1/2024, subject to change by HUD)

HUD link to income limits click here.

Type of Assistance

Rental assistance only. Access to some services provided on-site through external service providers.

Other Requirements

In addition to income eligibility requirements, applicants must also meet non-economic screening criteria including rental and criminal history reviews.