Resident Characteristics Report

Click here to view the "Resident Characteristics Report" which shows some data on households living in public housing or receiving Section 8 assistance. This link will redirect you to HUD's internet site.

HUD's Internet data reporting system is still being developed and so some reports are incomplete or obviously inaccurate, but some useful information is available now and more will be in the future.

Note: The Public Housing data in the Resident Characteristics Report combines all public housing households, including both hi-rise residents (elderly, disabled and single people) and family residents (families with children). The Section 8 reports also include families, elderly, disabled and single person households.

Housing Affordability

  • Housing is considered affordable if it consumes less than 30% of a household’s gross income.
  • Public Housing and Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers provide a “deep” rental subsidy, so tenants do not have to pay more than 30% of their adjusted income for rent and utilities.
  • At the Saint Paul PHA, the average income household income is $18,800 for families and $10,900 for single persons (December 2009 data). Most single residents are elderly and/or people with disabilities.

Housing Needs in Ramsey County

In 2010 the Minnesota Housing Partnership (MHP) reported that 55.2% of the 39,000 renter households in Ramsey County were paying 30% or more of their income for rent. For households with less than $20,000 in annual income, 89.5% paid 30% or more for rent.

MHP compiles data on housing needs for every county in Minnesota. Click here for more information.

Minnesota Housing Partnership "2x4" Report

The MHP "2x4" Report covers two indicators for each of four key housing areas: the home ownership market, the rental market, homelessness, and the housing industry. The report provides a concise and timely overview of housing challenges facing the state.

Click here for more information

Family Housing Fund Data on Housing Needs and Housing Production

Since 2003 The Family Housing Fund and HousingLink have jointly published "Housing Counts" so that stakeholders would be able to track annual affordable housing progress in the Twin Cities using common data.  Click here for more information.

The 2008 report showed that 79 rental units that were affordable to households with 30% of the Area Median Income (AMI) had been created or preserved that year in St. Paul. Fifty of those units were for seniors.

The same report shows that financing was secured (closed) for 2,447 affordable units in Saint Paul (at 60% of AMI) from 2002 – 2008. Another 1121 units were preserved or stabilized.

For more information, see Family Housing Fund and Housing Link.

The Affordable Housing Collaboration in Minnesota Series

Outcomes and Lessons Learned Series: The Home Ownership Made Easy (HOME) Program

The series provides in-depth, comprehensive stories about successful partnerships throughout the state, with an emphasis on outcomes and lessons learned. The project is sponsored jointly by the Family Housing Fund and the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund. The HOME Program is spotlighted in this publication and highlights how 500+ families moved from public housing to sustainable homeownership.  Click here for more information.

National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) 2018 Out of Reach Report

The Out of Reach report shows the Housing Wage for every state, metropolitan area, and county in the country.  The Housing Wage is the hourly wage a full-time worker must earn to afford a modest rental home without spending more than 30% of his or her income on housing costs.  Click here to view Out of Reach Report.  

White Paper Prepared for NAHRO's International Forum on Housing and Community Development Creating Community

Click here to view the white paper on "Place Matters: The Role of Public Housing Authorities in Expanding Inclusion in the US."